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Mansions of Madness Box Insert


We recently expanded our Mansions of Madness Second Edition collection to include all in-print expansions. Mansions of Madness is an app-driven cooperative board game set in the Cthulhu Mythos where the investigators (players) explore an expanding map, collect clues and battle minions of the Great Old Ones. The app takes on the “Keeper” (dungeon master) role from the first edition of the game and is responsible for revealing the map, triggering events, and tracking monsters.

With all the (available) expansions there is a huge amount of content in Mansions of Madness both electronically (in the form of scenarios) and physically.

Unpacked contents of Mansions of Madness
Unpacked contents of Mansions of Madness

Before getting the expansions our solution for organising the components was lots of zip-lock bags and cramming everything into the original box. With the extra components this became unwieldy making setup and packing up the game a chore. Luckily I had recently received an Elegoo Phecda 20w laser cutter that I’d backed on Kickstarter which could be used to create a proper storage solution.