Router Table - Build


This is the second part of my January 2022 project to make a router table for my Triton MOF001 using a Kreg table insert. If you haven’t already, head over to part 1 for the design stage of this project.

Building the Top

Slots for the T-Slots were cut using a 19.1mm (¾ inch) router bit with wooden guides attached to the top using double-sided tape. Once the slots were cut, the ends were squared off using a chisel and the slots mounted with the supplied screws. The only small issue was that the screws were longer than the wood underneath the slots so they poked out the other side. This was something I was expecting to happen as there is only 8.5mm beneath the slots (18mm total minus 9.5mm for the slots). A few minutes with a cutting disc on a Dremel rotary multi-tool followed up by a quick sanding was enough to remove the offending spikes.

Router Table - Design Stage


As previously posted, the goal of this project is to create a table for my Triton MOF001 router using a Kreg table insert that I bought a few years ago. While this is a relatively simple project, it will enable me to use the router for more complex projects in a safe manner.

The router table needs to be easily portable as I don’t currently have a permanent workspace and will get used on top of a Workmate (or hopefully a better bench later).

Maker Challenge 2022


To help focus my making and encourage me to use this blog, I’m setting myself the challenge of completing and documenting one maker project a month for 2022. These projects will be focusing on tangible objects (so no purely/predominately coding projects) and will include things like woodworking, 3D printing and electronics.

My goal is at least one blog post per project outlining the goal, any interesting steps along the way and the finished result. More complicated projects will probably result in multiple posts as I work through various issues along the way and will focus around a single issue or area of interest. There might also be the occasional Twitter post if something is particularly interesting or photogenic.

The list of projects hasn’t been finalised yet, but I have ideas that should work for most months of the next year (and plenty of ideas for the future!). At the end of each project write up, I’ll reveal what the project for the next month will be - hopefully this will ensure that I follow through with the project.

Filtering lazy-loaded JPA fields in JAX-RS with Jackson


While working on a side project using a JAX-RS API and JPA I wanted to explore how the entity graph features introduced in JPA 2.1 could be used to simplify data fetches for different endpoints. One issue I quickly ran into was how to deal with LazyInitializationExceptions with unloaded lazy fields.

The Hibernate module supplied by Jackson didn’t meet my needs and I couldn’t find any examples of what I needed so it was time to delve into how Jackson filtering works. The end solution turned out to be fairly straightforward and doesn’t rely on any vendor specifics so it’s worth sharing.

Site Update & Future


For the few people actually read this site there have been some major changes to the site to modernise it and reboot how I’m using it. Since starting the blog things have been pretty dormant with minimal updates every few years, this is something I’m hoping to change.

The layout of the site has been completely redesigned from scratch with a focus on using modern HTML/CSS techniques, supporting mobile browsers and making it fast. The design is still a work in progress and will continue to be tweaked to fix usability or rending issues that I’m not happy with. The general layout of the site is fairly much complete and shouldn’t change much though.