Purple Dragon Software is the home of Elizabeth & Michael Stringer on the web.

This site is built using Hexo with a bunch of custom plugins (more on this later) and hosted on Amazon S3.

About Michael Stringer

I’m currently a software developer at Capsule CRM working on a wide-range of backend projects including fulltext search using Elasticsearch, processing and storing mailbox events via Pub/Sub for a Gmail Add On, modernising backend stack and continuous integration with Jenkins. Previously I worked at Yuuguu developing a cross-platform real-time collaboration tool.

Currently my development language of choice is Scala with sbt aa a build tool. For front-end development I’m working on improving my JavaScript skills and learning Ember framework, which is used at Capsule for new front-end work.

Outside of work I like to tinker with technology, dabble with photography, play boardgames and paddle on white-water. My board game collection and related activity can be found on BoardGameGeek. I have competed nationally in C1 and C2 Canoe Slalom and regularly coach members of the junior squad at the local canoe club.

You can find me on Twitter and GitHub.